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Korean Ginseng Root

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Ginseng is a very significant plant for some cultures because of the herb’s reported curative properties. Ginseng can be ingested directly as food and can be added like seasoning or a major ingredient in several dishes. Root powder, root shavings, sliced roots, and even whole roots are used in soups, teas, and different viands. When using fresh ginseng roots, make sure the roots are washed thoroughly before being chewed on uncooked or cut up into smaller pieces and used as an ingredient. Ginseng roots are usually sliced before they are added as an ingredient in a dish. To easily cut up the roots, they can be placed inside a microwave or warmed in the oven for a couple of minutes before slicing. The sliced pieces can then be chewed on directly or brewed. Ginseng is classified by the FDA as a GRAS product, or Generally Recognized as Safe. Korean ginseng root is also available in the form of red ginseng tea and red ginseng extract for ease of consumption.

Ginseng Root, Extract and Ginseng Teas - All Natural

You can purchase Ginseng Root and other Ginseng products like Korean Ginseng Tea and Extract directly from All of our ginseng products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and made from real ginseng roots.

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